A Brain Quiz to Boost Memory Skills

At least we can say that our brain is capable of sorting out its memory and bits of experience, that it’s always being learning. But when memory for the past is failing us it might be a sign that we are indeed slipping into forgetfulness. Having said that, don’t automatically assume that you have forgotten something unless you specifically recall having done so. This doesn’t mean you should panic, but it does mean you have to remember exactly what you are trying to remember.

You need to prepare yourself by taking a quiz, one that tests you on the kind of questions you might encounter in a school exam or when taking the Comp, Maths or English GCSE exams. The quiz may be short, four questions or longer, but it has to be of sufficient length so that you can cover all the most common sections. Doing so will ensure that you know what is being asked on any section that you get wrong.

If you are at home, you can make use of a quiz program you can find online, either free or on a pay-as-you-go basis. It will not only help you improve your memory skills, but will also work out the average speed with which you can complete an item of information. You might want to look for a program that you can download onto your computer, so that it takes little time to download and install.

There are two types of questions that you need to take into account, memory-based and factual-based. If you are new to taking exams, then the facts ones are best to start with.

On the facts in question, you have to do one of two things: you can either answer truthfully or you can try to fit it into the facts that you already know. Either way, the answers are going to be fact checked by the questioner, so you really need to know what you are answering.

Remember, memory comes from the mind and the brain. You can do tricks with it, but it will take some training to make it last. You can make it last by practising on remembering questions that have been done a million times before.

This is because when you take quiz questions you will almost always see something you have seen before. If it’s the same answer, then that means you are using the same method, or technique, to remember it. It is still working the same way, it’s just doing it all over again.

What you need to do is to force yourself to think of something completely different. Think of a word or phrase that doesn’t come up as often. If you practice, eventually it will come back in your brain.

Another way to do this is to force yourself to be creative, something you know isn’t your strong point, but that will help you remember it. Let’s say you were given a puzzle, a word problem, and you needed to solve it using only a piece of paper and pen.

If you can solve the problem using a piece of paper and your imagination, then it is very simple concept, but very useful. If you can then apply this to any problem, then that is saying something. To me it’s another example of the power of the mind, and how powerful it can be.

It’s a bit like applying pressure on a piece of paper to lift it from the table, but the difference is that you can use your imagination. This helps to make the quiz question of a more efficient way of remembering.

Your brain is being trained to deal with the best part of the learning process, which is thinking. By applying this technique you will be strengthening the brain and leading it to become more efficient.

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